The UK's Lowest Costing Entry System and more!!

Well it has been some time since we have made additions to our online entry system, We have now added the ability to sell event specific items for your events.

For full details get signed up and take advantage of this unique system allowing you to take entry fees and sell products online, with the lowest fees in the UK.

Company Director Mark Henderson

"We are delighted to be offering our customers the lowest costing entry system within the UK, we operate this service at cost enabling our event organisors and competitors to save costs when entering events. Gone are the days of over inflated online booking fees. We not only provide the best and most competitive in electronic sports timing we now offer the best and most competitive online entry systems. Its a unique system designed especially for our customers to further enhance the way they run events and take online entries

If you are not using our system then you will be paying too much for your entry fees"