Online Entry System Even More Features

We are delighted to have some good news regarding our online entry system, We have developed 2 brand new features that makes the entry system even better.

Donation Box

We have added a donation box to the entry page so that you can collect additional donation amounts from competitors if they wish to make a donation, these are all itemised in the administration control panel and the excel file.

To add a donation box to any of your races simply edit an existing race and place a tick in the donation field, this in turn will appear on your entry page.

Discount Code

We have been asked for a discount code for a while now and we have finally got around to adding this option.

In order to have a discount code used on your entry pages you need to add in a unique code on the entry pages by editing an existing event, you must add a unique code and then add how much you wish to be discounted from the final amount.

We recommend using a standard type case sensitive discount code example: STSD2013

We are continuing to develop the most user friendly, lowest costing online entry system in the UK

With preferential rates for all of our timing customers you really cannot afford not to be using our services.