The Humber Bridge Half Marathon 2013

We are delighted to have been appointed to provide our professional race timing services and online entry system for this local event.

The Humber Bridge Half Marathon will be using our unique disposable timing chips for the very first time meaning that all of the competitors will not have to hang around whilst there timing chip is manually removed. This is the first time for this event who are now following the same systems that have been used to time all the other local major races.

They wanted a simple to use system with little or no admin post event. And we are happy to be using our very own UHF RFID Race Timing System that uses disposable timing chips, this system has been in use for the last few years and the results speak for themselves.

Along with the disposable timing chips they will be having live results and a live commentator line enabling the organisors to provide a running commentry on everyone who aproaches the finish line.

Other Items include:

- SMS Text Message Results Service

- Live Results Displayed on a TV Screen near the finish area

- and many more

They have also opted to use our very own online entry system in which all of our timing customers get a preferential rate lower than any other system in the UK.