The St Helens 10k 2013

We are delighted to be part of this great event located at the langtree stadium in St Helens.

It will be the 3rd year that we have provided our professional race timing services along with our online entry system, The St Helens 10k have been able to take advantage of using our online entry system giving them the lowest fees in the UK. Saving them between £600-£700 on their event entry fees. This has  a massive impact on all the charities that this event raises money for.

We have supplied many services for this event  from sending our race packs, managing all of there online entries aswell as the major work that we provide the electronic timing.

Once again they will be using our unique disposable timing chips located on the race number, and our very own Pro 8000 RFID Sports Timing System that has been developed and built here in the UK by our team of timing specialists and electronic engineers. We are continually pushing the boudaries on the UK regarding timing services and systems and the only company actively developing timing hardware for use in the UK market.

Full results will be online as soon as the last competitor has finished along with SMS text messages informing all competitors of there finish time.

Finish Line Video