THE END - for postal and manual entries

Times are changing and Sports Timing Solutions are changing the way in which events take entry fees.

It is a fact taking postal entries and manual entries is not cost effective.

With the ever increasing charges from Royal Mail with a first class stamp now costing 60p its far convenient to use our online entry system and not only get the lowest entry fees in the UK but also be lower costing and more efficient system than using the standard postal service for entries.

By adding the admin costs onto your entry fee you are actually not only covering the cost of the service making it free but you are also saving the customers in time and money at the same time. We have found using our online entry system is more cost effective for the following reasons:

  • The cost of a first class stamp 60p
  • The cost of printing out an entry form both in ink and paper
  • The cost of an envelope
  • The cost of actually taking the entry to the post box
  • Writing a cheque and wondering when it will be cashed
  • Bank charges for depositing cheques (Business Accounts)
  • The time and effort to maintain a central competitor database

Our system does all of the above and saves a huge amount of time and effort compiling a central competitor database, It's a simple fact using our system is cheaper, easier and more convenient for all concerned.

Specifically developed for the UK market offering an outstanding service at an outstanding price that cannot be matched by any other system.

We look forward to you signing up.

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