Improved Triathlon Competitor Tracker

We all love Ironman Live and we all like to keep a track of competitors as they take part in a long distance triathlon event, Our new and improved Triathlon Tracker has now been released and is free to use in all multisport events that we provide our expert race timing services.

You can access our Triathlon Tracker buy 3 ways depending on the device you are using:

Iphones - You can download our STS Pro Score App that includes all of our latest results and news

Other Mobiles - You can view our dedicated mobile site (

Computer - You can view the feed direct on your computer (

With in the Triathlon Tracker system we also have a live commentator module that gives the race organisors the ability to release key information about the event whilst it is in progress by using there own mobile phone or laptops.

" We lead the way in providing live results and the systems and services that we have in place are a testiment to this, We are the only Race Timing Company in the World who provide these for free as part of our race timing services - If you are not using our services then you really are missing out we look forward to workign with you"

*Usage is dependant on mobile internet connections at the event and we cannot guarantee internet at events in remote locations.