Saving The Wigan 10k £3640

£3640 thats right, yes you read it right..

We are extremely delighted to have saved The Wigan 10k at least *£3640 in registration fees when compared to  leading website in the UK for Runners.

Our entry system is the lowest costing entry system in the UK and our sports timing customers receive an even lower rate saving them thousands of pounds in revenue for there event.

*Fees taken from the Runners World Website - Click Here For Current Fees

Can you or your event afford to give this much revenue away for nothing?

Director Mark Henderson Comments

"Gone are the days when over inflated entry fees are needed, we are delighted to be offering a real alternative to the over priced systems available. By saving our customers vast amounts of money in registration fees often mean there charities benefit from these savings this has to be a good thing.

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