Active Network Price Increase!!!

We have just been informed by Active Network that they now have a new price structure.

They have increased there fees to the following:

£1.00 + 6.5% of the total entry fee

As an example an entry of £10.00 would be £1.65

All of our customers fee's would be:

Sports Timing Customers: 50p + VAT total of 60p saving £1.05 per entry
Standard Customers : £1.00 + VAT total £1.20 saving 40p per entry

Consider the savings with an event of 1000 competitors

Active Network: £1650.00
Our Timing Customers: £600.00 saving a massive £1050.00
Our Standard Customers: £1200.00 saving £400.00

Its not hard to see how much money you could be saving your event or more importantly your charity. In these tough economic times companies are increasing fees, we are not making us the lowest costing entry system in the UK by far..