The New Forrest Rattler

We will be visiting the New Forrest this weekend to provide the timing for the annual New Forrest Rattler.

Full results will be available as soon as the riders finish.

Event Details:

The New Forest Rattler is a cyclosportive set against the stunning backdrop of the New Forest National Park. You can choose from one of two routes depending on what sort of challenge you are looking for – a shorter route of 47 miles or a more demanding 79 mile course.

Each route entails great cycling terrain with long sweeping flat sections you can fly along in the right weather conditions, but in the wrong conditions these exposed sections become hellish and can be a real test!

Don’t be fooled into thinking there are no hills in the New Forest either. There are some punchy hills on our routes, including the famous 25% ‘wall’ called Blissford Hill!

Overall, each route takes in the spectacular scenery that the New Forest has to offer. You will encounter ancient Redwoods when passing through Ornamental Drive, wild animals grazing at the roadside and picturesque villages and hamlets.