The UK's Lowest Costing Entry System

Its Official We have the lowest costing entry system in the UK

We all have electronic chip timing at our events and we all want to take online entries for our events and take away the hassle of manual paper entries.

We have all been put off by the high costs of setting up a merchant account and online entry system, and some of you will have experienced the over inflated charges offered by other entry systems.

We have developed an entry system especially for all of our existing and new sports timing solutions customers, We have the lowest fees in the UK. With a single transaction fee of 50p + VAT for entries under £20.00, means we are cheaper than all of the major entry systems in the UK. We have saved our event organisors at least £600.00 in a typical race of 1000 competitors. Can you and your event or your charity afford lose this amount of revenue?

Our partner company Sports Entry Solutions have created a low cost system for all of our new and existing sports timing customers that enables you to do just that, no setup fees only pay for the competitors who apply online all paper and manual entries are free. This system has been running for the past 3 years taking many thousands of entries for events both small and large.

Visit our dedicated website for full details.

Company Director Mark Henderson

"We are delighted to be offering our customers the lowest costing entry system within the UK, we operate this service at cost enabling our event organisors and competitors to save costs when entering events. Gone are the days of over inflated online booking fees. We not only provide the best and most competitive in electronic sports timing we now offer the best and most competitive online entry systems. Its a unique system designed especially for our customers to further enhance the way they run events and take online entries"