Event Essentials

Live Mobile Results

Have an IPHONE, IPAD, Blackberry or web enabled phone? 

Take advantage of this free service. We are the only race timers in the UK to offer this unique service with all of our race timing services.

Our application can provide a live feed at your race giving the public real time updates as the event is taking place.

This service has now also been extended to work with all web enabled mobile phones particularly the Apple IPHONE.

As an organisor you can either add comments using a web enabled phone or you can use any computer with an internet connection.

You can view this feed by clicking the link below:

Mobile Web Browser (opens up in a new window best viewed on your mobile device)

*Live feed administration is dependant on mobile internet connections which cannot be guaranteed. the service is supplied on an as is service and may not work in certain areas where mobile phone signals are not available.

We are the first and only sports timing company to offer the above service, and most of all its included within all of our race timing services.