How do you time a cycling time trial race for free?

How do you time a cycling time trial race for free?

Added by Admin | Wednesday 15th of May 2024

We get it, not all events have the numbers to justify our professional race timing services. And this is the main reason we created our FREE to use race timing platform. Timing cycling time trial events has never been easier. We provide you with absolutely everything you need to manage all aspects of your time trial events providing a simple seamless experience with live rider leaderboards in real time.

So how do you time a cycling time trial event for FREE?

Step 1
Create an account on our professional event managment platform The Entry Point.

Step 2
Create your event and start accepting rider entries you can either take a payment or provide your event for FREE.

Step 3
Download our completely free to use race timing app from either the Apple store or Google play. Our app is designed for both IOS and Android devices.


Step 4
On race day issue your riders with their race number. Start your riders off logging the time with our FREE app.

Step 5
We have a unique setting especially for cycling time trials. When the riders cross the finish line you simply click save to record their time, as the number is located on the back, once they have passed you can then see and record the number. You can have a couple of devices on the finish line to help should things get a little busy but we do find that 1 device works fine.

Step 6
Marvel at the instant results displayed on our live results pages. Professionally designed results broken down into any age categories you have specified.

Check out the results from a recent event that used our system - Click Here For Results

Step 7
Make any changes needed within your online administration section

And should your event become to large for our FREE to use system then get in touch and we can provide you with our professional live timing and results services.