Free Race Timing

Free Race Timing Really?

Not all events have the numbers or the budget to utilise our professional race timing services. However all is not lost we have developed a simple to use race timing system that costs absolutely nothing to use. Yes you heard that right our race timing application is completely FREE to use.

Our Free race timing service is 100% FREE to use, we do not provide the first 10 participants for FREE unlike others and then charge therafter. No limits just the perfect alternative to chip timing designed for the smaller events.


We have developed a race timing platform that is ideal for the smaller events. Our web based system in combination with our FREE race timing application provides you with all of the tools that you need to get professional results regardless of your event size. Once your event grows then we are able to provide you with our fully fledged professional race timing services.

What can it be used for?

Our platform can be used for any type of sporting event where you need to capture start and finish times and produce results.

  • Running Events All Distances
  • Stair Climb Events
  • Walking Events
  • Race Timing For Cycling Time Trial Events

*Our race timing application is perfect for cycling time trial events. all that you need is an iphone at the start to record the time the riders set off and an iphone at the end to record the time the riders finished. All times are streamed to our live results pages in real time.

STS Pro Time

Initially the application has been used for manual backups in addition to our electronic timing systems. We developed the new application to be freely available on all of the major mobile devices and operating systems. We have supplied the tools giving small events everything they need to provide professional results with a simple to use interface. Search For STS Pro Time on the app store.

The main uses for Pro Score:

  • Manual Timing System (Ideal for smaller events with up to 200 entrants)
  • Backup Timing System for use as a secondary manual backup system
  • Accurately record wave and race start times
  • Perfect solution for timing time trial type events
  • Remote Splits can be used on a remote split saving in hardware costs
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Scoring Software

Click here to see the demo results for an event that have chosen to use our FREE race timing application.

Free Results Page

We have the most user friendly timing system available.