Low Cost Online Entries

The lowest costing entry system in the UK really?

We have the lowest costing entry site around. If you are not using The Entry Point then either yourselves or your customers will be paying over the top in registration fees. We have been providing the lowest costing online entry system for over 15 years and are proud to have the lowest fees around.

We save events and customers hundreds of pounds in registration fees and we never hold onto any of your event revenue unlike many of our competitors. Firstly it is illegal and secondly it's just not good business practice.

Here at the Entry Point we do things a little differently.

1, We never hold onto any of your event revenue, all fees are paid directly to you as soon as an entry is made.
2, We have the lowest fees around its pretty simple try our calculator out and compare them all.
3, You can either use the system for FREE or choose to take a payment for your entries.

Many events only need to collect a participant list and do not want to charge their customers. Our system will not charge you for FREE tickets.

Perfect for:

1 - FREE Music Events
2 - FREE Sports Events
3 - FREE Concerts
4 - FREE Business Meetings
5 - FREE Events
6 - FREE Club & Team Memberships

Here at The Entry Point we appreciate the need for a system that you can use to obtain a participant list and our system is perfect for this. You can of course take advantage of our low cost payment system and charge for your events if you wish to.

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