Sportive Timing Chips

Introducing The Pro Cycle Chip our brand new environmentally friendly re-usable cycle seat post timing chip

We all live in a world where we want to try and do our bit and reduce waste. Our standard laminated cycle number with integrated timing chip has been used for the last few years but we have always wanted to go one better. We have developed a brand new reusable cycle seat post timing chip that is handed out before an event and then collected in at the end. Our unique timing chips are lightweight and aerodynamic and more importantly they are environmentally friendly.

  • Provided for FREE for all our cycling events
  • Can be made in a variety of colours (Orange, Red, Green Etc)
  • Lightweight
  • Can be provided with a timing chip encoded the same as the number
  • Perfect for all cycling events

Our seat post timing chips are the perfect choice for all sportive events not only do they look great they do not affect the rider in any way and can be fitted to all bikes. Our unique design allows the timing chip to be fastened to the seat tube and secured with a zip tie. They can be used many times over and should the timing chip get damaged it can simply be replaced with a new one.

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