Race Pack Fulfilment Service

We all know how time consuming creating a race pack can be. Having a team of volunteers sticking labels, packing envelopes, having a nightmare trying to mail merge your entry database. We have been sending race packs out for the last 10 years and we are pretty good at it. In this time we have perfected our setup and purchased the very latest in envelope printers and packers in order to provide this service to the public.

We are able to manage your race pack fulfilment service covering your event before the event has taken place. We are very pleased to offer this service not only our own customers but any event that is looking for a professional low cost race pack fulfilment service that even includes a personalised event branded envelope.

What does our race pack fulfilment include?

  1. 1 x C5 Envelope Customised with your event name
  2. 1 x Race Number (You will need to send us your race numbers alternatively we can supply these)
  3. 1 x Disposable Timing Chip (If one of our customers our very own timing chip or provided by yourselves)
  4. 1 x Event Letter (A5 Double Sided or A4 folded We can inlcude booklets as long as they are not too thick)
  5. 1 x Royal Mail 2nd Class Postage

We need the following data:

In order for us to send the race packs out we will require your competitor data in a clean useable format ideally supplied in as a CSV file. We will also need all of our materials to be included within the race packs. We send the race packs and numbers using the data that you provide and will not be held responsible for data provided that may be incorrect. So please ensure that the CSV file you provide has been checked and all address columns correctly formated.

  1. Event Name (Printed on bottem left of envelope)
  2. Competitor Race Number
  3. Name
  4. House Number
  5. Address 1
  6. Address 2
  7. City
  8. Area
  9. Postcode

We require the data at least 3 weeks before the date that you would like the race packs posting in order to get them posted at least 2 weeks prior to the event taking place

Cost for Service

Please contact us for a price