Running Chip Timing

Low Cost Running Chip Timing

Whether you’re a local running club overseeing small races with a few hundred runners or a professional event organiser managing medium to large-scale events with thousands of participants, we’ve got you covered. Our electronic timing systems provide:

  • Finish Times: Accurate finish times for every runner.
  • Chip Times: Precise chip-based timing data.
  • Split Timings: Mid-race split timings.

No matter the scale, our systems deliver instant results as competitors cross the finish line.

Low Cost Electronic Timing Chips - Fixed to the race number

As standard all of our running events are supplied with our unique pro bib tag. The pro bib tag is a lightweight flexible electronic timing chip that is placed on the back of the race number.

Why do we prefare the pro bib tag?

1, Low Cost.
2, Proven reliability when used in mass start running events.
3, Environmentally friendly.
4, Paper thin and does not affect postage costs when sending out within race packs.

Free Live Results Service

With all of our race timing services we provide a free live results service providing live times and results as the event is taking place.

*Live results only available with internet connection - depends on the location of event and signal   

Free Live Video Finish Line Competitor Clips

We always use a finish line video backup system for any situations where the video evidence is needed. We use this same footage for personal finish line video clips allowing competitors to see a short video clip of them crossing the finish line. 

Free Professional Finisher Certificates

Every competitor that crosses one of our finishing lines will be able to print out a free professional finisher certificate from our website.

When you want the best in electronic sports timing you need to be working with us!!

Please contact us for a quote today we will gladly try and price match any genuine quotation received.